Week-3: Build Thus Far

In the last three weeks the Millerbots have been hard at work and it’s really paying off! Our build team has been meticulously creating the three components of the robot that are now being pieced together to create the final prototype of our bot. As the build team cut, bolted and drilled, our wiring team dove into exploring the new electronics and wiring system we have been given this year. The programming team has been hunched over their computers, learning new skills and providing our robot with not only the capability to drive but a vision system so the drive team will be able to see what the robot would. Scouting team has been working in the background to provide what is required to work effectively at the competition, whether it be creating a excellent spreadsheet or working to keep track of all of our progress. Meanwhile our coaches and mentors have been keeping us safe and busy while helping us envision the robot that will serve us best.

Thank you to the parents who have given us their time and provided food to keep us fueled throughout the day. To our members, coaches, and mentors great job so far. Keep this up! We have a long way to go but not long to do it.

pictures of our build season