Update From Duluth

I am currently in Duluth right now experiencing the Northern Lights Regional as a team ambassador for the Millerbots. Team 2500 Herobotics of Patrick Henry High School brought me up and graciously allowed me to join their team for the remainder of the tournament. This is a huge opportunity to foster The Hub between all Minneapolis FRC teams. The Hub would serve as a bridge between Minneapolis teams that would help them all grow stronger together. I am already working with Herobotics to create a Scouting team and getting help on our outreach programs.

Team 2500 has been an amazing host. They are a super passionate team and in 2011 we traveled with them to Internationals. They are largely involved in Outreach and do everything from Open Street to Girl Scout Camps. Their team has also been instrumental with bringing the Chinese FRC teams to the Minneapolis Regionals this year!

The tournament so far has been interesting. Day One is always a bit of a mess and it was no different today. The Pits were buzzing and it was amazing to see all the different robots competing in the two Regionals. The practice matches were spaced out with long, monotonous periods as teams worked out software kinks and tried to connect to the field. It got a lot more intense towards the last few matches when teams began to get into the groove. Some highlights were 3130’s and 525’s six tote, bin with noodle stacks.

All in all 2500 has been giving me a great time and I am so glad I got this opportunity. I can’t wait to meet up with the Millerbots on Saturday. See you then!