North Star, here we come!

In only a few days the Millerbots will be packing our bot into a car and driving over to the Mariucci Arena,  at the University of Minnesota, to compete in the North Star regionals! “It’s been hard work and it feels so great to know we will be able to show people what it can do. Actually seeing our robot out there is really going to remind us what these months of working have been for,” says Walter Svenddal, head of programing.

The Millerbots will be at the arena from April 1st-4th, though we will be going home to sleep. 59 other teams from around the midwest, Canada, and even as far as China (the full list can be found here) will be at the North Star competition and we are excited to meet all of them! With so many teams the new comprehensive and user friendly scouting sheets that our scouting team (Erik Graba, Erzsi Saly, and Kiera Mulvehill) has put so many hours into will prove quite useful.

Good luck to all the FRC teams that will be at the North Star regional! Good luck to all the FRC teams who have yet to compete!

The schedule for regional competitions across the nation

The schedule for North Star