Update time !

A big thank you to all the parents, mentors, coaches, and people who came out to help make this year possible and a huge success !!!

Thank you for your donations of :

  • Your talent
  • Your food
  • Your money
  • Your children
  • Your cars
  • And all you do as parents

We couldn’t do this without you !
See you all back next year !


Watch your emails for upcoming events !
The past two pre-build weeks were awesome. We had a great turn out and many enthusiastic new team members.

New members have been working diligently on the trainer bots, which are basic robots that help simulate what we will actually be building during our build season. They have also been learning about the daily tasks that must be preformed like signing in, unpacking the closet and cleaning up.


Just a reminder to parents and members the monster dash, which one of the big fundraisers we participate in, is taking place this Saturday the 29th.

We will be handing out water to runners who are running the 5k for the Monster Dash.
Our assigned location is the 5k Party City Water Stop, and we need to be there at 8:30 am (I advise you leave earlier to get there on time). Our shift will be over at around 11:30 am.
The location is the turn around for the race which will be near the Upper Landing Park on Sheppard Road, Very close the Science Museum.
   -Click here for a map of the race course. We will be meeting at “Half Finish”
   -Here are also the rough coordinates you can input in a map for directions: 44.941727, -93.098269
Parking should be relatively easy by the apartments near the river – or in the Science Museum ramp.
In order to receive $500 for our participation, we need at least 20 volunteers to show up.
If you don’t have any way to get to the location just email us at millerbots@gmail.com, and we will help find you a ride.