North Star Regional

The team recently competed in the North Star Regional Competition at Mariucci Arena. Between the Iowa Regional and this one, we made some major changes to the robot, and most notably, we changed our climbing mechanism. While previously we were only able to climb to the Mid bar, this time around with some new design ideas, we were able to climb to the Traversal bar, which is worth nearly three times the points as the Mid bar.

The competition at North Star was much fiercer, and going into alliance selection we were not ranked very high at all. We were the second pick of Alliance 4, teaming up with The Green Machine (1816) from Edina and The RoboHuskies (2574) from St. Anthony, Minnesota. During our first quarterfinal, our robot lost connection with the drivers, and without the extra points from our climb, our alliance lost the match. We came back after the mishap as a much stronger alliance, winning by 53 points and setting the highest score that had been made at the Regional at that point. The tiebreaker match was really up in the air, would we have similar issues, or would the alliance be able to replicate their previous win? We ended up losing the match by 7 points, but left with our heads held high, knowing that we did the best we could.

More information about the event as well as videos of all the matches can be found at :