Expectations For Lettering:
  • Registration at FIRST Click on new student button; then click on the FRC button; our team number is 2549
  • Check made out to Washburn High School for the fee of $60
  • 80% attendance of Pre builds
  • 80% of build season
  • Attendance at the Regional Competition
  • GPA of 2.75 for lettering
  • Snacks for lots of people which includes pop and small bags of snacks (large bags when opened go stale)
  • Parent/guardian needs to sign up for 2 half days to chaperone on a Saturday at school or at an event plus attend a half day of the competition at Mariucci Arena
  • At Regionals – you are expected to participate. (scouting, button making, Data entry)
  • Sign up for at least one Saturday lunch here
  • Two years of team membership.