We would like to thank our generous sponsors for helping our team come together and succeed. Without them we would not be at the place we are now. We offer a variety of sponsorship levels to choose from however, if none of them suit your needs or ability we welcome any sponsorship proposals you may have. If you are interested in sponsoring or donating to the Washburn Millerbots, please email us at team2549@washburnmillerbots.org.

How Does Sponsoring the Millerbots Benefit You?

By becoming a sponsor for the Washburn Millerbots, you’ll be helping our team continue participating in yearly competitions, building a robot, and supporting our growth as a team and community. With your contribution, you will truly be investing in the future generation of engineers, entrepreneurs, and gracious professionals.

With robotics and technology becoming an increasing part of everyday life, jobs in the STEM field are on the rise, and these professions are becoming increasingly more necessary.

Take advantage of this marketing opportunity while simultaneously showing your involvement in the community and education for the future generation.

Sponsorship Levels

Levels include the perks in the levels below, except when the perk is upgraded (ex. larger logo), then the higher level will be recognized. If there is something additional to these that you would like, just ask and we can be flexible.

Breadwinner: $200 (or materials of equal value)
Your company’s name and logo will be listed on our website.

Flour Power: $500 (or materials of equal value)
Your company will have a small logo on our 2023 team t-shirts and on our t-shirt cannon (shown at football games and other school events).

Bread and Butter: $1000 (or materials of equal value)
Your company will have a large logo on our 2023 team t-shirts, a logo on our 2023 robot, and a post on our social medias giving information about your company as well as thanking you for your sponsorship.

Miller’s Dozen: $1500 (or materials of equal value)
Your company will have a large logo on our 2023 team t-shirts, can have special photo shoots with the team, and can ask for live demos (March-November).

THE Millerbot: $2549 (or materials of equal value)
Your company’s logo will be on a banner in our pit area at competition, your company’s name will be in our social medias and Blue Alliance bios, and if you guarantee to sponsor the team for 3+ years, your logo will appear on our buttons that we give away to the other teams at competition.

Gold Medal: $5000 (or materials of equal value)
Your company’s name will be announced when we speak at alliance selection. 

We also invite you to make a long-term commitment to the team with a sustaining sponsorship or donation (i.e. 500 dollars for the next three years), or whatever is realistic within your budget.

Current sponsors:

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