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Blue Alliance

The Blue Alliance is a very useful website for keeping track of FRC matches and rankings for events.


The Minneapolis Urban Robotics Alliance is located at 2131 N 12th Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55411 inside Lincoln Community School. It is a practice field, where a model of the current field is built for us to practice on.

FIRST Upper Midwest

When teams compete in FIRST Competitions, they compete in regional divisions. We belong to FIRST Upper Midwest.

Quick Links:

Chiefdelphi: ( A general use forum for talking with robotics teams across the world.

Rev Robotics: ( Where we get motors, gear cases, etc.

Coremark Metals: ( where we get sheets of metal and round stock. Also have tools that are hard to find.

McMaster-Carr: ( Where u can get anything quickly but pricey. It’s also fun to window shop this.

Grainger ( Cheaper version of McMaster, with long lead times and generally kind of a pain in the butt.

FRC driver station: ( How you drive the robot.

Phoenix Tuner: ( Useful for quickly tuning the robot.